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Renaming and organizing Lattice performance review packet PDFs

We do performance reviews at Sentry twice a year using Lattice, so I figured - why not automate the 30s process of renaming and organizing the downloaded packets PDF into my Dropbox.

I was able to set up a rule in Hazel to do this:


The downloaded packet filenames look like: Michael-Warkentin-2022-Mid-Year-Review-Cycle-.pdf

The Name matches ... bit matches the filename template and extracts the year as a variable I can use for sorting. I had to do this as the end of year performance review won’t be available until January so I can’t just use the Created Date attribute:


I use the Rename action to remove my name from the filename as I’m not too concerned about having to deal with anyone else’s packets. :)


At the end of the day I’m left with the PDF sorted properly and grouped by year: